Since its establishment in 2003, Muslim Social Services Agency has assisted over 60,000 families and individuals with eviction prevention, rental/security deposit, prisoner re-entry, food/clothing and furniture purchases and a variety of other social service needs.

Muslim Social Services Agency has provided a comprehensive response to the ever-increasing number of people losing their jobs, homes and health care services. Its goal has been to improve and enrich the quality life of those in need of resources. It has provided resources that have met the educational, social, housing, employment; counseling, medical and mental health services need of its clients.

MSSA mainly provides resource services to low-income and homeless families and individuals in the Baltimore City metropolitan area.

Our organization has been awarded several certificates of recognition from mayors of Baltimore City for its work with the city’s low-income families and victims of domestic violence. In addition, it has received a governor citation for its work it is doing assisting citizens of the State of Maryland with their resource and service needs. During the two week-long uprising in Baltimore City MSSA had spearheaded/guided national organizations wanting to help the elderly who had been negatively impacted by the rioting and looting in Baltimore City.

Our partnership had provided aid and comfort to at least three elderly apartment building residents. In total, we had assisted 400 elderly by providing them with needed items and since the April 2015 uprising, we have continued to provide, on an ongoing basis, aid and assistance to the elderly. Additionally, our agency had gathered volunteers to clean up areas negatively impacted by the rioting and looting. Key elements of MSSA services are providing aid and assistance to vulnerable children, the elderly, refugees and the homeless.

We also operate successful Online ESL (English as a Second Language) classes for refugee children. Five days a week for two hours every night. Muslim Social Services Agency is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Services.