President Obama

On February 3, 2016, I was there on the “historic day” of President Obama’s visit and presentation at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. I heard him tell the American people and the world that Muslims fit into the American fabric.

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New Program to Support Syrian Refugees!

We have now established a program to support the influx of Syrian refugees to the Maryland area. MSSA’s Resettlement Support Services (RSS) provides Syrian and other refugees with connecting them to resources and services that will assist them with ease of transitioning into American life. This program assists the client families with eviction prevention, first month’s rent/security deposit, furniture purchase, clothing purchase, household items purchase bus fare and much... read more

MSSA at Ground Zero in the Baltimore Uprising

On April 19, 2015, Freddie Gray, a twenty-five year old African- American young man, died due to the injuries he received while being arrested by the Baltimore city police. Another case of an unarmed black man being killed by the police who are supposed to protect and serve was more than the residents of Baltimore could tolerate. “Justice for Freddie Gray”, “Stop Police Killing”, became the battle cry in the city. On Saturday, April 25, a march against police brutality turned violent at the end. Several police cars were destroyed and several businesses were looted in the downtown area. On Monday April 27, a text went out for high school students to meet at Mondawmin Mall, a transit hub in the city. The students were met with riot police. There were stones thrown and several police officers were injured. The young people were then forced to move further and further away from the mall, and when they arrived at North and Pennsylvania Avenues, the destruction began. The CVS Pharmacy and several other nearby stores were looted. The CVS and a police car were set on fire. Throughout the night, numerous stores were looted and a senior citizens building under construction was set ablaze. As the principal of the Islamic Community School, located two blocks away from North and Pennsylvania Avenues, I witnessed firsthand the looting, mayhem, and destruction of property brought on by years of neglect and a feeling of hopelessness mixed with anger.   I had flashbacks of the 1968 riots in Baltimore that followed the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In April 1968, the looting, destruction... read more

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