"Muslim Social Services Agency provides help, hope & healing to our clients."

Our mission is to provide care, resources and services to those in need.

About Us

The Muslim Social Services Agency’s (MSSA) mission is to provide care, resources and services to those in need. We will promote self-sufficiency, social well-being and assistance programs to low income, disadvantaged individuals and families. To provide resources, aid and comfort to women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Who We Help

Baltimore’s Homeless

It is estimated that there are 3,419 men, women, and children who are homeless in Baltimore on any given night. Four factors are primarily responsible for homelessness: lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable health care, low incomes, and the lack of comprehensive services.


Walk Details

The walk will be on Sunday, May 1, 2011 and begins at 8:00 am. We ask that each walker bring 5 canned goods or 5 non-perishable food items. The donated food will go to local organizations and shelters that aid the homeless. (See Who We Help


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