In August 2003, The Muslim Social Services Agency (MSSA) was instituted in Baltimore, Maryland, by Imam Hassan Amin.  The mission of MSSA is to adhere to the teachings of Islam that order us to provide charitable care and services to anyone in society who is in need.  MSSA promotes self-sufficiency and social well-being.

MSSA has been actively involved in the community since its inception.  MSSA has provided emergency funds to prevent evictions and termination of utilities, and to purchase food, clothing and transportation.  Since 2005, MSSA has sponsored an annual resource event that has serviced over 8, 000 clients.   This event, now called Resources For a Better Tomorrow has provided hot meals, housing and job referrals, health screenings, school supplies and fresh fruit and vegetables to the homeless and needy.

MSSA is firmly committed to helping the homeless.  We provide them with lunches monthly in downtown Baltimore and hats and gloves in the winter.  

MSSA also recognizes the food deserts in the inner city.  We have distributed hundreds of pounds of Dhabiha (Islamically slaughtered) meat after EED Ul-Adha.  At least once a year, MSSA distributes 10,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in one day.  

MSSA understands that the community also needs survival skills.  Over 300 citizens in Baltimore have received instruction in Emergency Disaster Preparedness at MSSA seminars.  We have also provided free training and certification in First Aid and CPR.   

To help keep families whole and healthy, MSSA provides family and marriage counseling.  The counseling by professional social workers has helped many families overcome their difficulties and stay united over the years.  Domestic violence victims are also helped with counseling and referrals for housing and employment.  

MSSA is firmly committed to providing all members of the community with the necessities of life and opportunities to become self-sufficient and healthy.  New programs and events are being added each year to achieve this goal.